The system for structural and informational optimization of business


The Modulator of spatial-temporal resources


The system SVETLIZA – BLAGA is intended for increasing the flow of wealth and resources (including financial ones).


The majority of people are concerned with a lack of resources and wealth. Mostly people impede receiving these resources due to limitations put on by themselves. However, most of these limitations are dictated from the outside by society. A transfer of these limitations is realized through money. If you take a bank-note, you will receive information through this “carrier” and put down information yourself as an eradiating system. You get “carriers” on which somebody else, holding it in his hands, has already written his own attitude towards money. This information was superimposed on his understanding about what money is, on his own attitude towards money, resources and wealth. Thus appears a social environment, which creates stereotypes. These stereotypes do not allow you to realize your creative potential, block the financial fluidity, in input or output, over-squeezing the flow of wealth. You start to suffer from the lack of resources when you do not possess the things you want to have. On the whole, you suffer from a lack of resources in general, and the main resource is time. Usually people transform their own time into some resources, including money. So, the main purpose is to give you a way out into another time layer to take away the appeared limitations and distortions, imposed by the outer medium, i.e. to let yourself rise above the current situation and events.


The SVETLIZA – BLAGA is the system for restoring your time flow. Widening the time flow leads to an increased information flow and more resources (including financial ones). You will not only have the possibility to realize something in your life, but will also get the necessary information and the right ideas, and all that was difficult to realize before due to distortions of flows. The SVETLIZA – BLAGA helps you to harmonize, to clean all the flows coming to you. In fact, all the information flows. In this case the flows will come to you, not distorting your own structure, which controls the processes of thinking, spiritual constituent, new ideas and their realization. An important property of the system “SVETLIZA – BLAGA ” is its ability to attract cash flows necessary for concrete goals. With the help of the SVETLIZA – BLAGA you will transform pathological processes in their bio-energy matrix, thus acquiring physical and spiritual health. As a consequence, you begin to do the kind of work which will bring you greater satisfaction and financial stability.


With the help of the SVETLIZA-BLAGA, you will be able to unite your individual particular interests and aims with the universal cosmic level of energies and vibrations, getting the possibility to perceive knowledge from the Universe (intuitive feeling of your own path, prompts, breakthroughs, enlightenments (illuminations) of mind, fresh ideas). You will be able to comprehend cosmic codes of abundance and well-being and to direct money flows into the desired course.

Reducing the problems in your life


The principal formula of success means the following: If you manage to be in the right place at the right time, then you’ll be successful, if not, you won’t. This possibility to be in the right place at the right time is directly connected with the system of receiving and processing information from you. If your informational links are broken, you won’t get the necessary information. As a result, you find yourself in a place you don’t intend to be in. The surrounding world begins to force you out of this place, the evidence of which is strain, stress and conflicts. As a consequence problems of different levels start to arise (interpersonal, health, social, etc.). Then you begin to wage a war against the world instead of living in peace. The system SVETLIZA – BLAGA harmonizes structural informational links and helps to improve relationships in business as well as personal ones. It also helps to accumulate dense life potential of a high quality. You begin to understand your goals and path of life more clearly. You will be more successful and integral. The number of conflicts in your life decreases sharply, which makes life happier and of much higher quality.


Forming the freedom of thinking and purposes


Stereotypes imposed on you from the outside through different sources of parasite information may be evident (as mass media), and non-evident (as different carriers, such as bank-notes, material objects etc.). They lead you away from your true purposes, making you waste your lifetime on the realization of alien ideas and a false sense (meanings). If you are passive, you drift in the flow of time which is called karma or destiny. If you are active, the system SVETLIZA – BLAGA   forms the freedom of thinking. You acquire the freedom to form and realize your own destiny. Usually the most difficult problem is to formulate the purpose: what you need, why you need it and how to reach it. When the purpose is defined and set, the creative process of thinking begins. The given system helps to define the purpose (discarding false purposes,) which will be expedient to your life and to life in general. Further, after forming the purpose you will move more easily without hindrance in realizing your purpose. It is called “to lighten the own way”. It will be much easier for you to move towards your goal, new ideas will come by themselves and your life will shape naturally and by itself. Thus, the SVETLIZA – BLAGA will draw your attention to tasks which are clearly defined, preventing you from self-betrayal, i.e. without distraction on unnecessary and redundant actions (though “prestigious “ones), and this optimizes the process of utilizing your full potential for reaching your goals.


Growth of stability in your business


A business is only stable as long as it grows. At the same time macroeconomic processes may have a tendency to recess, making the market situation worse. The SVETLIZA – BLAGA diminishes the influence of negative factors. It is a fractal structure, which projects your consciousness onto the system of life, the “net mind”. As a result additional possibilities arise to build a stable system of synchronizing the duration of your business with the multi-dimensional construction life’s “net mind”. The form of manifesting the result is not formalized and non-predictable. But from the global point of view any business becomes more stable in relation to unbalanced characteristics of the macroeconomic situation.


Use of the system SVETLIZA – BLAGA


The principal element, with which the user works, is the card of the SVETLIZA – BLAGA . Every card has a personal number which is seen on the front side. There is also a second number, which is imprinted into a chip inside the card. Both numbers form a unique pair, protecting the card from anything fake. You carry the activated card with you (in your purse, pocket, or wear it on a cord). The card fulfills the following functions:


1. Cleaning bank-notes from imposed informational distortions. For this purpose you should put the card into your purse or wallet.


2. Elimination of structural spatial-temporal distortions within you (on the levels of ethereal, astral, mental, casual bodies). In this case you should carry the card in your pocket or wear it on a cord.


3. Elimination of strains and pains in the body. Put the card to the problem place with the front side towards it. You will feel a release of the pain.


How the system of structural-informational servicing SVETLIZA – BLAGA functions:


The SVETLIZA – BLAGA is developed using theoretical concepts of the Physics of Structures and Synergy of information processes. Within its structure is the fractal principle of representation of multi-dimensional processes, which have temporal connectivity.


Living systems use the fractal principle of organizing their structure to increase stability. To make it simple, fractality may be understood as the inclusion and representability of one kind of subsystem into another. All systems and organs in a human being have their own reflection (representation) towards each other. So, it is possible to diagnose the whole organism by using only one of the systems. For example, diagnostics by the iris, pulse diagnostics, diagnostics by acupuncture points, diagnostics by fingers’ illumination (the Kirlian photography), etc. It is also possible to cure the whole organism by stimulation of separate organs or systems – stimulation of the palm, or stimulation of the separate meridians, etc.


Many times experiments were described where a blood test was taken from a sick animal, and it was evident that the blood was “bad”. The blood is put into a refrigerator, and the animal is starting to be cured. When the animal gets well, it appears that the blood-test in the fridge becomes “healthy”. This proves that there is a connection between the systems in the organism. Not only spatial connectivity (location in one place) exists, but also the temporal connectivity (being as a whole in the time). Using the fractal principle of organization in living systems leads to the fact that with the growth of complexity of a living system its stability in relation to unfavorable factors increases. One well-known fact is, that the more complex the biocenosis of organisms is, the greater is the range of temperatures in which they survive.

The structure of the “SVETLIZA – BLAGA” was created for building up the dimension capacity of interaction in time.

A human, being a representation of a multi-dimensional structure in our four-dimensional space-time existence, perceives the idea of time as a one-dimensional coordinate, though it is a vector in a multi-dimensional space. The impossibility of providing temporal connectivity (integrity,) leads to a repeated cycling motion in a certain temporal layer with some limitations.


The human puts all the limitations onto himself. The “Svetlitsa-Blaga” to some extent eliminates representations of these limitations, that is, it leads you into another time layer, where such limitations do not exist or where they are much weaker. Growth of the wealth flow is connected with using received chances. If you are active and try to find new possibilities then you go out of these limitations easily and get the effect. Different people may have different results – some of them change their aims and work out new ideas for realizing their business, others acquire new relations and offers, still others manage to do more (events in their life come together successfully,) or they save more money learning to economize in shopping. At the same time we should take into consideration the outer influence when some losses are possible (as in the case with the world crisis).


In the diagram are some possible dynamics. Vertically are the units of the card price. But if the general tendency is towards lowering the income, then all the dynamics may appear damper of this recession. Buying the keys for increasing the dimension capacity of the wealth flow, the user of this system gets the chance of increasing the general dynamics. It should be remembered that we speak about the wealth flow – not about the cash flow. Both the flows may correlate with each other, but also may not – if there appears a chance to use the wealth, omitting the money stage. And of course different scales of activity mean various scales of dimension capacity of the wealth flow and investments in the support of the structure. The cards SVETLIZA – BLAGA GOLD and SVETLIZA – BLAGA DIAMOND differ from the SVETLIZA– BLAGA in the scale of dimension capacity of the wealth flow (growth of dimension of time).


Elimination of limitations does not mean that you will use the chance. If the door was locked and then opened, it depends on you if you enter or not. New relations may appear but using them is fully connected with your activity.

It is necessary to take into account that time is needed for representation of new possibilities. This time is different with different people: new ideas may appear in several days for some people, this period being longer for others. So, you buy the keys when you can see the effect of using the “SVETLIZA – BLAGA ”.


The SVETLIZA – BLAGA is a graphic configuration (stylization) of the temporal-spatial model for providing the life matter. In this particular case it is a financial guarantee (over concentrated energy of life). Temporal tracks of movement of energy flows pass over into spatially-evolving structures of material wealth. The energy of desire is being turned along the light pattern of the temporal model of developing memory of the future, forming the system of light-accumulation of life resources. Spatial-temporal configuration of material well-being initiates the plan of events representing life competency.


The SVETLIZA – BLAGA is a spatial-temporal former of matter, transferring it from mental, pre-mental, casual, fantasy world into the real world. By its structure it is an intensifier, going through “the thought acquires density” and becomes a concrete material object. Transformation or transmutation may be spasmodic (by leaps) as well as gradual. The protecting system of filters is inserted in its structure, which prevents negative thoughts or destructive ideas from going through the intensifier. In the structure of the “Svetlitsa-Blaga” the fractal principle of organization of temporal and financial flows is realized.


SVETLIZA Generation, products line start at 2001. Research since 1998.